Project Aim: 
Sign up 50 beta testers
The Task: 
Worldpay developed a new activity portal for their customers.
Ahead of roll-out they wanted to beta test it with a sample base of their customers.
I was tasked with developing the strategy to get existing customers to enrol in the beta program.
The approach:
We would send Worldpay customers an invite to participate in the beta testing program. In order to engage the base, we created a sense of exclusivity and added value rather than merely rewarding users with a cash gift. This gave us better quality user feedback. 
The Concept:
Email would be used to drive traffic to a single click registration webpage.  
Identifying Pain-points: 
Often signup forms require mountains of information. As the whole base were already registered Worldpay customers we were able to pre-populate signup forms with their information. Registration merely required a single click to enrol in the beta testing program.
Getting Stakeholders on Board
Wireframes were created to show the proposed site and live examples of functionality were given to demonstrate how our solution would work once developed.
Once the concept was signed off, we moved on to working up full graphic visuals using the Worldpay brand guidelines, tweaked where needed to ensure we were creating a frictionless experience for the users.
Multiple Journeys 
Global Email Campaign - Driving Traffic 
The on-going global email campaign focused solely on promoting the benefits of the beta program. This was sent over the course of a few weeks to the entire Worldpay data universe.
Engaging Engaged Users
Retargeting sequences were created for users that visited the site but did not sign up and for those that signed up but didn't use the new beta portal.
Sequence 1 - Using the Portal 
A nurturing sequence of emails was created to encourage users that had signed up to visit and use the portal.
Sequence 2 - Getting Feedback 
Once the prospect had used the new portal, we sent a second sequence of emails to gather feedback on the new portal. We used our in-house feedback tool gather valuable information that was fed back to the Worldpay development team. 
All 50 of the beta testing spots were filled and Worldpay gathered vital information about their new portal ahead of its rollout to the vast user base. 

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