Often overlooked, email, is one of the most powerful forms of direct marketing communication businesses can harness. 
By embracing the throwaway nature of the medium and leaning into its strengths, brands can communicate with their audiences through a channel less compromised by the distractions and pay-walls of social media. 
I’ve helped many brands including; ATS, Santander, ghd, Worldpay and EE connect with their customers, influence £millions in spending and drive brand engagement through dynamic email campaigns.
"John is a first class creative strategist. There's nothing about email John doesn't know, both from a creative and technical perspective. He always considers the objective of a campaign first. He's a big believer in starting with "Why?". He's not afraid to push back to a client if he feels a campaign will not deliver the necessary response rate. I'd have no hesitation in recommending John."
Nick Washbourne - Commercial Director at Force24
Email Strategy & Design Services
- Top of funnel awareness campaign strategy 
- Lead nurturing campaigns 
- CRM campaign strategy 
- Mobile first email design 
- Responsive email design 

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