Project Aim: 
Increase trade account applications
The current situation: 
Trade applications were filled in by pen and paper in-store by tradespeople and then sent for central processing. We identified that this process was fraught with issues. Poor handwriting, the dependency of the tradespeople physically being in the store and having time to complete the lengthy application form meant we identified a huge opportunity to streamline the process both in terms of increasing the number of applications and reducing back-office admin time.
The approach:
We would harness the current Travis Perkins data universe and also add to it through purchased (pre-GDPR) business data from leading UK data houses.
The Concept:
Email would be used to drive traffic to a specific trade account application microsite.  
Identifying Pain-points: 
The analog application application form could appear quite daunting. The first thing I did was to break the application process down into manageable sections. 
Creating a Hook
The first screen of the application site asked users to create an account - a simple name and email was all that was required. Crucially, this allowed us to send non-device specific retargeting to users that abandoned the application process at any point after the account creation page.  
Multiple Journeys 
Global Email Campaign - Driving Traffic 
The on-going global email campaign focused solely on promoting the benefits of the trade account. This was sent over the course of a few weeks to the entire data universe.
Engaging Engaged Users
Two retargeting sequences were created with the aim of getting prospects to compete credit account applications. 
Sequence 1 - Pre-account Creation 
Pre-account creation messaging was sent to users that visited the application micro-site but not yet created an account.
Sequence 2 - Post-account Creation 
Once the prospect had created their account, if at any point they failed to reach the goal URL (the application submission page in this instance), they would receive this retargeting sequence that focused on the benefits of having trade account and how easy it was to apply.
Success - Welcome Packs 
Once the application had been approved by Travis Perkins' internal team, the prospect's record was marked as a 'new customer'. This then triggered their welcome pack campaign. 
Personalised and useful information such as their local depot, information about other TP Group businesses that may compliment the customer's activities and a digital trade account card. 
Converting Failed Credit Accounts into Cash Accounts
If a prospect failed to meet the criteria of the credit account, they were marked as a 'cash customer', this essentially gave them all the same marketing information, however they were not granted the 30 days credit terms on purchases. 
The Results
Travis Perkins received a record number of trade account applications during this campaign. Of particular note, 70% of all applications had responded to a retargeting message. 
Permissioning Data 
Through this campaign we had identified the most engaged prospects in Travis Perkins' data universe and also permissioned the purchased data.  
Ongoing Campaigns
In addition to the quarterly sales pushes, Force24 also sent personalised weekly promotional emails on behalf of the multiple sub-brands Travis Perkins Group owns. 

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